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Protect Social Security, Medicare, and Food Stamps for our seniors.

Many changes are being proposed by politicians regarding healthcare, welfare, and food stamps, but most of these proposals have already cut or will require cutting funds for our seniors.


 I will always protect Medicare and Social Security; I will make sure that our government keeps commitments made to our retirees and those who will be retiring soon.

 Priorities include:

No cuts to Medicare

 Passing legislation to strengthen Medicare

Voting to protect social security beneficiaries

Securing tough laws to crack down on crimes targeting seniors

Protecting tax benefits for retirement savings

Creating new laws to protect benefits like nursing home care for veterans

Increasing support for Alzheimer’s patients

 Protecting our Constitutional Republic, Bill of Rights and Constitution against the threat of socialism

Every day it seems that more of our youth and students are being tricked into believing that socialism is a wealth and justice equalizer. It is quite the opposite. Socialism is nothing more than the elimination of our individual rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in exchange for privileges allocated by the government, AKA “Collective Rights” or “Rights of the Collective.”  It is incomprehensible that in this day and age people are so willing to surrender their God-given individual rights to the government. I will fight tirelessly to educate our youth and those that are not so young on the history and dangers of socialism, its destructive manner, how it goes against humanity itself, and how no society can function without personal reward.

 Jobs & The Economy

When in Congress, I promise to cut taxes and get rid of burdensome regulations. This will mean savings for Floridians and will make Florida a leader in job growth. In Congress, I will support President Trump’s “America First” policy to bring jobs and revenue back from overseas.

 H.R.3711 - Legal Workforce Act.

Applies the E-Verify employment verification program to all new hires. This shuts off the jobs magnet that attracts so many illegal immigrants to the United States. E-Verify also ensures that jobs are saved only for American workers and those authorized to work in the United States legally. 

Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to make mandatory and permanent requirements relating to the use of an electronic employment eligibility verification system, and for other purposes.

H.R.785 - National Right-to-Work Act

Would create a nationwide ban on the requirement that workers who are represented by a union must pay for the costs associated with representation.

 Balance the National Budget

The reality is that balancing the budget is not difficult unless one is more worried about re-election and from where your next campaign contribution is coming. It can be done by studying various proposals for ways to improve the budget situation and then choose a set of reforms that would produce a small surplus.

People can disagree on choices. They can also propose alternatives to current standards, but they should stop acting as if balancing the budget cannot be done. It can be achieved. When I get to Washington, a balanced budget will be a top priority.

Lower Taxes

Cutting taxes stimulates the economy and creates jobs. I support across the board tax cuts for middle and working-class Americans. Simplifying the tax code and corporate tax structure so that the average taxpayer can understand it as well as eliminating the estate tax (tax on your right to transfer property at your death or death tax).

You spend your entire life paying taxes in order to accumulate things to leave your children or grandchildren. You shouldn't have to be taxed again after you die.

Better Employment Opportunities

Economic growth is the best way to combat poverty and stagnant employment rates. No subsidy will help improve our economy. Economic freedom and opportunity are the way to economic growth. Free markets are the key to improving the economy and are the surest path to increasing employment and job creation.

Bringing Jobs Back to South Florida.

Burdensome regulations, high real-estate prices and property insurance rates, excessive tolls and gridlock traffic due to inadequate mass transit systems; these are some of the reasons why job creators are not coming to South Florida under the current leadership. Although many of these issues are local, they depend in large part from federal dollars negotiated by members of congress. As your congressman, I will put all the pressure at my disposal to make sure that local politicians tackle the issues that affect us all.

Tough on Crime, Criminals, and Corruption

I will stand for no tolerance of brutality and lawlessness. Instead of political correctness being the law of the land, strict guidelines will be placed to help law enforcement. Our policemen and women are in desperate need of government support. Offenders will not be tolerated, and our law enforcement will be respected once again. I will applaud police profiling instead of scrutinizing it as racially derogatory. We need to allow law enforcement to do what is essential in order to prevent domestic and international attacks on U.S. soil. We must provide the freedom for them to do their job, which is to keep us all safe.

Protect Our 2nd Amendment Rights

In many crises, brutality can be avoided, and lives can be saved when people are armed. I will fight to protect gun rights and the Second Amendment. People have the right to be armed in order to defend themselves, their homes, and their property. “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Secure Our Borders by Enforcing Existing Immigration Policies and Laws.

Significant steps will be taken to secure our borders. The completion of a border wall with Mexico, increases of patrols on our northern border with Canada, more patrols along our coasts and increasing the size of our Coast Guard are all priorities once in office. Visa Overstays significantly exceeded illegal crossings for the seventh consecutive year. Those who abuse our country’s generosity will not be tolerated.

 Our liberties and rights must be protected so that America remains the land of justice and freedom. National security is what allows this to be achieved. Strengthening our immigration policy will prevent infiltration from enemy nations and protect us from those who resist assimilation into American society.


Juan Fiol Republican For Congress
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