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Statement of Candidacy

I was born in Miami, the son of Cuban freedom fighters. My parents were forced to abandon their home and seek refuge in a foreign land. Their homeland had been lost to a socialist revolution that threatened to kill anyone who opposed it or dared to think for themselves. To set the record straight, they were not seeking to migrate here. They were not looking for welfare, Medicaid, or food stamps but rather a place to regroup with other freedom fighters and create alliances.  They would then return to Cuba and rid it of the socialist plague that had consumed it. Their story is the same as that of all Cubans who arrived in this great country between 1960 and 1963.

 Many freedom fighters trained in the Florida Everglades, some in Soldier Key, there were divisions in Guatemala and Haiti, and there were many inside Cuba. The main group leading the charge was known as the Brigade 2506. My father, Juan M. Fiol, was part of the brigade’s naval unit. My mother Marta G. Rubio-Fiol helped train soldiers to shoot and handle their weapons.  During her training,  my mother was under the impression that she would partake in the invasion.  Much to her disappointment,  at the last minute, it was decided that women would not be permitted to fight. 

 These freedom fighters planned to invade Cuba with the backing of the U.S. military.  Unfortunately, President John F. Kennedy did not have the nerve to confront Castro and Khrushchev and pulled U.S. support at the eleventh hour. Still, they went anyway, alone.  Many were killed.  The majority of those who survived were captured, jailed, tortured, and returned for a ransom of cash and medicine.

 My parents met during this tumultuous era in Miami history, they wed and had my older brother J. Marcelo Fiol, in 1968. I was born in 1972. I grew up as a first generation Cuban American and I learned to speak both English and Spanish from a very early age. I learned the customs of my parents’ homeland, but they strongly emphasized the importance of being an American Patriot. They taught me that this was my homeland and that it was the greatest country on the face of the earth. They also raised me with Christian values and a Catholic upbringing. They taught me to not depend on government or anyone else for handouts.

My mother came from a very wealthy family in Sancti Spíritus.  Here in the U.S., she eventually became a successful real estate agent and sold cemetery plots, but when she first arrived in Miami, she worked picking up used diapers to be washed (disposables had not yet been invented). She later worked with both my grandparents in a tomato packing house and as a waitress at Howard Johnson’s.  My father sold garlic in the early days, he later drove a truck for a produce wholesaler, earning him the nickname “Juan Camion” or “Juan the Truck”.  Later on, people jokingly called him that because although he no longer drove a truck, he was as big as one. My parents told me these stories so that I would understand that no job is beneath them and shouldn’t be beneath me either.

 I married straight out of high school while attending Miami-Dade College, then Florida International University. A few short years later, my daughter Carolina Fiol was born.  Two years after that, my son Jonathan Fiol was born. Sadly, Jonathan passed away unexpectedly at the age of 21 . May he rest in peace.

 I took my parents' advice to heart. I started my own business wholesaling watermelons, then tomatoes.  After that, I sold used cars, and in 1999 I entered the real estate business. In 2004, I became a real estate broker and opened Vision Realty of Miami. I have come a long way to where I am today.  I am a professional, but the road that I had to travel was not that of one.  I have worked hard to build what I have and have fought to preserve freedom and conservative values in America.

In 2016 I volunteered to help then-candidate Donald Trump run against 17 establishment Republican hopefuls, and defeat them all. I came on board at the very beginning of the campaign and created We hosted rallies and organized volunteers to cover the ground.   Eventually, we took over the campaign office leadership in West Miami Dade county for the presidential run and win over the Democratic Nominee. 

I was there since the first rally in Doral, to the inauguration and I am still helping President Trump today. I am bringing my campaign experience and enthusiasm to continue supporting him in congress by helping pass common sense, conservative legislation, I will fiercely defend our country's freedom against the threat of socialism. and I will proudly represent my hometown, Florida's district 27 as your next Congressman in the United States House of Representatives.

Juan Fiol Republican For Congress
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